Let's Explore our Schedule: 

Monday:  Anita & Jenny  

Tuesday:  Jasmine & Rose

Wednesday : Mimi & Wendy

Thursday: Emma & Ella

Friday: Jasmine & mimi

Saturday: Wendy & Judy

Sunday: Rita & Judy & Kitty


  A comfortable and Luxurious experience, is a blooming journey for both of your mind and body. Our experienced staffs will help you to fullfil your unique needs. Our purpose is to provide you a private exclusive service through romantic and relaxing music, wonderful lighting and cozy environment. By releasing the tightness on your back, shoulders, and other area throughout your body, your tension and stress will disappear in no time!!!

    Our Price List:

          Regular Shiatsu:            

  30 Minutes for $40  

45 Minutes for $60  

60 Minutes for $80